[Distutils] Wheel support added to distlib

Marcus Smith qwcode at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 21:43:10 CET 2013

> Although some work has been done to add wheel support to pip, you don't
> need
> this to build wheels for existing PyPI distributions if you use distlib.
> The
> following script, wheeler.py, shows how you can use an unpatched, vanilla
> pip
> to build wheels:
to be clear, the pip fork's main interest in building wheels (with it's
"pip wheel") is to make it easy to generate all the wheels needed to
underlie a requirements file install.

"pip wheel -r requirements.txt"

this will generate wheels for all your requirements and dependencies.

this command is for the here and now until wheels are pervasive on pypi.

P.S. I see your script takes multiple arguments, but does it process
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