[Distutils] Wheel support added to distlib

Marcus Smith qwcode at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 02:16:11 CET 2013

> cool, but you mean "including dependencies", because "pip freeze" is
flat, and

> already exhausts the dependencies, right?
>> > what does "wheeler.py pyramid" do? just pyramid itself or everything?
>> Currently it would do everything (once I fix the naming bug that's
>> there), but
> when I run "wheeler.py pyramid" (after taking out the --no-deps you just
> added),
> I get one wheel for mako:  Mako-0.7.3-py33-none-any.whl
> I'm not seeing how this could build wheels for all the dependencies?
> where is that logic?
> I can certainly be missing it.
hmm, everything is inside the mako wheel?

> Marcus
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