[Distutils] The Wheel specification and compatibility tags on Windows

Vinay Sajip vinay_sajip at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Feb 27 18:23:39 CET 2013

I have a question about the compatibility tags used by Wheel (PEP 425) and their
completeness on Windows. IIUC, it may not be enough to consider the platform and
the Python ABI (determined by the Python version). In addition, on Windows, we
may have to consider the version of compiler used to build a distribution, as it
may not be compatible with a particular Python (even if platform and ABI match)
if the Python was built with a different version of Visual Studio from that used
to build the extension. I believe this is to do with the version of msvcrXX.dll,
which is tied to the compiler version: both the Python and the extension need
to link to the same Microsoft C run-time DLL.

If I'm wrong about this, can someone please explain what my mistake is? If I'm
right, do we perhaps need to amend the platform tag to include the compiler used?
Currently, it's just distutils.util.get_platform().replace('-', '_').


Vinay Sajip

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