[Distutils] The Wheel specification and compatibility tags on Windows

Oscar Benjamin oscar.j.benjamin at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 01:46:01 CET 2013

On 27 February 2013 19:47, Paul Moore <p.f.moore at gmail.com> wrote:
> The key on Windows is the version of the MS C runtime. That's what the
> version of MSVC determines, in essence. Other than MSVC, only gcc
> (mingw) is supported for building extensions, and gcc builds binaries
> linking to the same version of the C runtime as the MSVC compiler
> uses.

I apologise if I have misunderstood as I don't understand these things
that well. But as someone who uses mingw on Windows (when I am on
Windows) I have a question. What if I build with mingw on my computer
and then upload to PyPI? Is it guaranteed that if my built version is
compatible with standard MSVC-compiled Python x.y on my Windows
machine then it also compatible with (standard) Python x.y on other
Windows machines.

Perhaps not relevant but currently building extensions with mingw
requires patching distutils (It's been a while since I actually did
this because it's already done on all my computers but the bug for it
is here http://bugs.python.org/issue12641).


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