[Distutils] buildout.dumppickedversions and buildout_versions

Chris Withers chris at python.org
Fri Jan 4 08:52:26 CET 2013

On 03/01/2013 16:09, Reinout van Rees wrote:
> On 03-01-13 14:03, Marius Gedminas wrote:
>> buildout-versions is a clone of buildout.dumppickedversions
> Note that one of the big improvements of buildout-versions over
> buildout.dumppickedversions is that it deals more graceful with
> differently-cased package names. "Fabric" versus "fabric", for instance.
> It isn't perfect, but at least it gives me fewer duplicates (duplicates
> that only differ in case) than buildout.dumppickedversions.

Yeah, the problem is that I remember the underlying code that 
buildout-versions has to monkeypatch isn't the nicest.

A cleaner collection of specs for packages to pick from (ie: the 
versions section) and those that have been picked (ie: what 
buildout-versions records) would be of great help.



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