[Distutils] Better version pinning in buildout (buildout-versions)

Reinout van Rees reinout at vanrees.org
Sun Jan 6 21:51:14 CET 2013

On 05-01-13 23:47, Jim Fulton wrote:
> 1. New buildout option named ``versions-file`` which takes the name of
>     a file. to contain version information.  It is not a configuration
>     file.  It is a file consisting of comments (#...)  and version
>     specifications::
>       # whatever
>       foo = 1.3

So... basically pip's requirements.txt? Was this your intention? Could 
be handy. It could make working with either pip or buildout more 
interchangeable (only as far as that goes, of course, I'm mostly 
thinking about having a requirements.txt to use with readthedocs.org, 
which doesn't support buildout).

If so, there's one question that I worry a bit about. How would this 
work with a KGS scenario? A pip requirements.txt would not include the 
KGS-included versions from the [versions] part in the KGS file.

My impression is that pip needs a single requirements.txt file. Perhaps 
I'm mistaken here?


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