[Distutils] Merging buildout-versions in buildout

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Fri Jan 11 09:37:31 CET 2013

Hi All,

My take on this, as the person who may or may not have offered to do the 

After reading all the discussion, it sounds like the approach 
buildout-versions currently takes is the one that's going to give the 
most milleage:

- print the versions picked for any packages (as opposed to being 
specified by the buildout), in a format compatible with being pasted 
into buildout.cfg's versions section. This should happen by default.
(when *wouldn't* you want this to be shown?)

- have a key that points to a file where the text above is appended. 
It's up to the use whether this is buildout.cfg or not. For myself, if 
the buildout is tiny, I put a versions section at the end and point this 
option at buildout.cfg. Otherwise, I point it as a versions.cfg.

I had forgotten how important the interaction between the versions 
section and the extends mechanism was. I've also made great use of this.
While I like the idea of a versions format compatible with pip*, it 
sounds like that would kill off the extends interaction, which would be bad.

I'll note that there appears to be no contention over the optional 
python-version key to stop you accidentally running a buildout with the 
wrong python.



* I have to admit to currently thinking hard about migrating away from 
buildout; its development has been hampered by people with not enough 
time trying to solve hard problems, the dropping of Windows support 
(yeah, I hate windows too, but its still used enough that I need to 
support it, unfortunately I'm not competent enough to help with 
development *of* buildout on Windows). That said, I don't know that 
pip/virtualenv would be any better.

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