[Distutils] Proposal for incorporating buildout-versions on buildout (Re: Better version pinning in buildout (buildout-versions))

Chris Withers chris at python.org
Tue Jan 15 18:17:15 CET 2013

On 15/01/2013 12:21, Eric V. Smith wrote:
>>> ...I've always found that /checkouts/somepackage.2.0.0 isn't on the python
>>> path but that for version 1.4.2 is.
>> Right, meaning the version requirement *is* checked.
>> I guess I don't understand: "I don't know how hard it'd be top
>> implement but in an ideal world I'd prefer to see develop eggs trump
>> any other sources but still have version requirements checked."
> I think it means that the develop egg is the only version that's
> considered. If it doesn't match the version requirement, it's an error.

Yep, that's exactly what I meant, and a very succinct way of putting it 
too :-)


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