[Distutils] [buildout] windows/jenkins annoyance

Jim Fulton jim at zope.com
Sat Jan 19 22:16:14 CET 2013

On Sat, Jan 19, 2013 at 3:42 PM, Chris Withers <chris at simplistix.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> This is an example of the Windows problem I was referring to:
> http://jenkins.simplistix.co.uk/job/testfixtures-buildout/160/PYTHON=2.5,label=windows/console
> C:\Python25\python.exe bootstrap.py
> ...appears to fork off a process in such a way that it returns instantly and
> then runs in the background. Of course, Jenkins has no way to know how long
> to wait for, so problems such as those above occur.
> My horrible hack around this is:
> https://github.com/Simplistix/testfixtures/blob/master/jenkins.bat#L2
> ...which waits 20 seconds and then moves to the next step. It's far from
> reliable, especially when the Windows box has any load on it.
> Can you make any suggestions how to solve this problem?

No, can you? :)

The problem is that buildout is upgrading for a new setuptools. To do this,
it needs to rewrite the buildout script, but *windows* won't let it do that
because the script is open.  Maybe there's a better way around this.

Your workaround, if I understand it, to wait 20 seconds looks good to me. :)

Another option would be to pin setuptools in your buildout.cfg to avoid the

> PS: Where does the buildout continuous integration testing live nowadays?


Unfortunately, the buildout2 tests always fail there, even when they
pass for me.
I didn't set those up and I'm not sure what's going on with them.


Note that the buildout 1 tests always fail. (I give up.) and buildout 2 doesn't
buildout on Python 3 on Windows.

The buildout 2 failure looks spurious.  I typically clean up
the windows test failures (if I think of it) before making a release.


Jim Fulton
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