[Distutils] pip and distutils

Vraj Mohan r.vrajmohan at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 23:46:34 CET 2013

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From: Vraj Mohan <r.vrajmohan at gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 4:31 PM
Subject: pip and distutils
To: python-list at python.org

I have created a source distribution using distutils which specifies
external packages using:

      requires = ['Foo (>= 0.7)', 'Bar (>= 2.4.5)'],

When I use pip to install this distribution, I find that it does not
automatically install the packages Foo and Bar. What extra step do I
need to perform to have pip automatically install the "required"

I am using Python 3.2.3.


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