[Distutils] PyPI upload: zip okay, tar fails with "invalid distribution file"

Maurits van Rees m.van.rees at zestsoftware.nl
Tue Jul 2 13:32:58 CEST 2013

Op 01-07-13 21:12, Ethan Furman schreef:
> On 07/01/2013 12:11 PM, Paul Moore wrote:
>> You probably want format gztar rather than tar. I don't think I've
>> ever seen an uncompressed tar on PyPI - they probably
>> aren't allowed...
> I could've sworn I've used tar before, but at any rate going with gztar
> did the trick.

I always use --formats=zip, because in some corner cases Python2.4 has 
problems with the gztar format, not while creating a distribution file 
but when installing it.

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