[Distutils] Call for PEP author/champion: Bundling pip with CPython installers

Paul Nasrat pnasrat at gmail.com
Sun Jul 14 17:10:28 CEST 2013

On 14 July 2013 02:13, Nick Coghlan <ncoghlan at gmail.com> wrote:

> Based on the recent discussions, I now plan to reject the pip
> bootstrapping-on-first-invocation approach described in PEP 439 in favour
> of a new PEP that proposes:
> * bundling the latest version of pip with the CPython binary installers
> for Mac OS X and Windows for all future CPython releases (including
> maintenance releases)
> * aligns the proposal with the Python 3.4 release schedule by noting that
> CPython changes must be completed by the first 3.4 beta, while pip changes
> must be completed by the first 3.4 release candidate.
> * ensuring that, for Python 3.4, "python3" and "python3.4" are available
> for command line invocation of Python, even on Windows
> * ensuring that the bundled pip, for Python 3.4, ensures "pip", "pip3" and
> "pip3.4" are available for command line invocation of Python, even on
> Windows
> * ensuring that the bundled pip is able to upgrade/downgrade itself
> independent of the CPython release cycle
> * ensuring that pip is automatically available in virtual environments
> created with pyvenv
> * adding a "get-pip.py" script to Tools/scripts in the CPython repo for
> bootstrapping the latest pip release from PyPI into custom CPython source
> builds
> Note that there are still open questions to be resolved, which is why an
> author/champion is needed:

I've a bunch of contacts in various distros still - I've not championed a
PEP before but I would be happy to take this on.

> * what guidance, if any, should we provide to Linux distro packagers?
* how should maintenance updates handle the presence of an existing pip
> installation?

There are various distro packaging specific ways of handling this. Hard
requirements, recommends, obsoleting the standalone package and providing
it virtually as part of

Automatically upgrade older versions to the bundled version, while leaving
> newer versions alone?  Force installation of the bundled version?

My personal experience is that forcing the bundled version to OS with
strong in-built packaging (Linux, BSD, other *NIX)  is likely to meet with
some resistance. I can certainly talk with some people, my instinct is it's
likely to be only bundle with installers, allow optional install as part of
the cPython build which can then be subpackaged/ignored for seperate
pip/bundled as distros so desire.

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