[Distutils] Q about best practices now (or near future)

Marcus Smith qwcode at gmail.com
Thu Jul 18 18:12:58 CEST 2013

> It would actually be nice if "pkg_resources" and "setuptools-core"
> were available as separate PyPI distributions, and setuptools bundled
> them together with easy_install. It's a *long* way down the priority
> list thing (and will likely never make it to the top, although it may
> be more practical once pip vendors the bits it needs).

the idea to have pip vendor setuptools crumbles a bit due to console
scripts needing pkg_resources.
you're left with 2 poor solutions: 1) rewriting script import lines, or 2)
still installing setuptools anyway

so, having a separate pkg_resources is higher up on the list I think for
that reason.
without a separate pkg_resources, I think the "dynamic install of
setuptools" idea wins out, or no change at all.
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