[Distutils] Wheels and console script entry point wrappers (Was: Replacing pip.exe with a Python script)

Oscar Benjamin oscar.j.benjamin at gmail.com
Mon Jul 22 14:25:32 CEST 2013

On 19 July 2013 20:48, Steve Dower <Steve.Dower at microsoft.com> wrote:
>> From: Oscar Benjamin
>> I don't know whether or not you intend to have wrappers also work for
>> Python 2.7 (in a third-party package perhaps) but there is a slightly
>> subtle point to watch out for when non-ASCII characters in sys.argv
>> come into play.
>> Python 2.x uses GetCommandLineA and 3.x uses GetCommandLineW. A
>> wrapper to launch 2.x should use GetCommandLineA and CreateProcessA to
>> ensure that the 8-bit argument strings are passed through unaltered.
>> To launch 3.x it should use the W versions. If not then the MSVC
>> runtime (or the OS?) will convert between the 8-bit and 16-bit
>> encodings using its own lossy routines.
> The launcher should always use GetCommandLineW, because the command line is already stored in a 16-bit encoding. GetCommandLineA will decode to an 8-bit encoding using some code page/settings (I can probably find out exactly which ones, but I don't know/care off the top of my head), and CreateProcessA will convert back using (hopefully) the same code page.
> There is never any point passing data between *A APIs in Windows, because they are just doing the conversion in the background. All you gain is that the launcher will corrupt the command line before python.exe gets a chance to.

Okay, thanks for the correction.

The issue that made me think this was to do with calling Python 2.x as
a subprocess of 3.x and vice-versa. When I looked back at it now I saw
that the problem was to do with explicitly encoding with
sys.getfilesystemencoding() in Python and using the mbcs codec (which
previously had no error handling apart from 'replace').


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