[Distutils] a plea for backward-compatibility / smooth transitions

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at pitrou.net
Tue Jul 30 08:19:11 CEST 2013

Noah Kantrowitz <noah <at> coderanger.net> writes:
> > The whole python.org infrastructure is built on an OS kernel written by
> > who thinks security issues are normal bugs. AFAIK there is no plan to
switch to
> > OpenBSD.
> This is news to me, we specifically run Ubuntu LTS because Canonical's
security response team has a proven
> track record of handling issues. If you mean that Linus doesn't handle
security issues well, then it is
> fortunate indeed that we don't actually use his software.

Did you already forget what the discussion is about?
Security/bugfix Ubuntu LTS updates don't break compatibility for the sake of
things, which is the whole point.

(As for the idea that using "Canonical's kernel" amounts to not using "Linus'
software", that's a rather unorthodox notion of authorship. It's very likely
doesn't change more than 1% LOC in the kernel, so you're still bound to Linus'
decisions for at least 99% of the code - and even probably for the remaining 1%,
since Canonical's version won't be massively divergent.)



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