[Distutils] The pypa account on BitBucket

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at gmail.com
Wed Mar 20 14:39:21 CET 2013

Hey pip/virtualenv folks, does one of you control the pypa placeholder
account on BitBucket? (it seems possible, given it was created shortly
after the Github account).

I've been pondering the communicating-with-the-broader-community issue
(especially in relation to
http://simeonfranklin.com/blog/2013/mar/17/my-pycon-2013-poster/) and
I'm thinking that the PSF account is the wrong home on BitBucket for
the meta-packaging documentation repo. The PSF has traditionally been
hands off relative to the actual development activities, and I don't
want to change that.

Instead, I'd prefer to have a separate team account, and also talk to
Vinay about moving pylauncher and distlib under that account.

I can create a different account if need be, but if one of you
controls pypa, then it would be good to use that and parallel the
pip/virtualenv team account on GitHub. If you don't already control
it, then I'll write to BitBucket support to see if the account is
actually being used for anything, and if not, if there's a way to
request control over it. Failing that, I'll settle for a
similar-but-different name, but "pypa" is definitely my preferred


Nick Coghlan   |   ncoghlan at gmail.com   |   Brisbane, Australia

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