[Distutils] A process for removal of PyPi entries

Lennart Regebro regebro at gmail.com
Fri May 31 15:18:30 CEST 2013

On Fri, May 31, 2013 at 3:09 PM, holger krekel <holger at merlinux.eu> wrote:
> I think there should be a PEP regulating the removal and the "taking over"
> process for packages.  Your considerations make sense to me there.
> ASFAIK Perl has such policies a decade or so.  Probably makes sense to
> use their provisions as a blue print.  Such a PEP should contain a
> list of projects that are to be removed retro-actively if they don't
> comply within 6 months or so.  I think the barrier shouldn't be too high,
> a valid email address and/or release activity are a good minimum.
> And it should be a short PEP :)

I'd be OK with after six months automatically removing packages that
has only one owner/maintainer, and that owner/maintainer has no other
packages, and the package has no available downloads, and no contact
information on either package nor registered user.

For other cases there should also be a manual way or removing packages
on the discretion of PyPI maintainers, as well as giving owner access
to packages whose owner is unreachable (I think there may already
exist a process for that).


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