[Distutils] "pip uninstall" and pip's lack of support for installing eggs

Carl Meyer carl at oddbird.net
Fri Nov 15 23:39:14 CET 2013

On 11/15/2013 03:14 PM, Marcus Smith wrote:
> ok, looking at this more, "pip uninstall" wasn't added until v0.6, so
> probably it just used `--record` for it's log as a side-effect of the
> previous decision to use  `--single-version-externally-managed`.

Pip's use of --record to record a list of installed files actually
predates uninstall too (though of course it was useful/necessary in
implementing uninstall).

> and the decision to use `--single-version-externally-managed`, was
> probably just based on pip needing to override the dependency
> resolution, and have it's signature "requirements file" feature that
> supported overriding dependencies.

Uh, maybe? What does --single-version-externally-managed have to do with
dependencies? Does it prevent the installation of dependencies? I didn't
realize that.

In that case, does pip's --egg flag (which removes
--single-version-externally-managed from the install command, but
doesn't replace it with anything else) break requirements files?


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