[Distutils] dependency_links format changed?

Thatcher Peskens thatcher.peskens at dotcloud.com
Fri Oct 11 20:31:46 CEST 2013

Hi all,

I've been looking for information on this topic, but cannot really find anything about it.. It looks like setuptools has changed something that breaks a bunch of my installs (last deployed months ago) that were working before.

I have some dependencies on a python package A* which is not available in PyPi, which itself has dependencies not available on PyPi. 

A has a setup.py containing:



dependency_links = [

Now... This doesn't work anymore, where it used to work before.

I have found that if I specify the install_requires with an explicit version e.g. django-inline-edit==dev AND the dependency_link with 
#egg=django-inline-edit-dev it does work.

My previous experience shows that it was working without the explicit version before, and what I find on the internet also seem to suggest it should work.  Has this been changed on purpose, or should it be reported as a bug?

Thanks in advance,

*A -> https://github.com/gabrielgrant/django-easy-pages

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