[Distutils] Deprecate and Block requires/provides

Donald Stufft donald at stufft.io
Thu Oct 17 05:01:55 CEST 2013

As many are aware distutils has the "requires" field and such. These
fields are designed to list something you *import* not something you
install from PyPI. I believe these fields to be generally useless, supported
by the fact distutils2 deprecated them, and outright user hostile. Users
do not tend to realize that these aren't PyPI distributions and attempt to
use them for that case. This generally "works" in that it will show up on
PyPI but it will fail as soon as a distribution contains a character like -.

So what I would like to do is "remove" these fields. This would consist
of modifying PyPI to return an error code if they are included and hiding
the existing data in the UX. It might at a future time also consist of removing
the data from the DB all together.

What do people think?

Donald Stufft
PGP: 0x6E3CBCE93372DCFA // 7C6B 7C5D 5E2B 6356 A926 F04F 6E3C BCE9 3372 DCFA

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