[Distutils] Removing dependency_links

Marcus Smith qwcode at gmail.com
Sun Oct 27 09:14:11 CET 2013

> I also think it is reasonable to continue offering a feature like
> dependency_links on an opt-in basis for controlled environments (I see
> it as analagous to the direct references feature in PEP 440).
with pip already, the idea** is that you can enforce a concrete location
for a
dependency that will override the default pypi location. e.g. I can do

  pip install http://myserver/peppercorn-0.3.tar.gz#egg=peppercorn deform
  (where deform requires peppercorn)

and my peppercorn will be installed
the point being, I don't think we need setup.py dependency links to be able
enforce concrete url fulfillment.

** I say "idea", because I know there are bugs related to archive urls and
egg fragments and overriding other dependencies, but the point still stands.
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