[Distutils] Removing dependency_links

Marcus Smith qwcode at gmail.com
Sun Oct 27 23:52:04 CET 2013

> So I asked the person I know, and this is what he said, "Yes, we have
> to use it!  It's the only way to allow a package to install other
> packages that aren't on PyPI-- for instance, a custom fork of a
> library."
> Is there another approach or work-around he can be using?  What is the
> "right" way for him to do it?

e.g. you find a bug in SomeProject-1.4 on pypi (which is a dependency in
your app install)
fork it, fix it, and re-version it to SomeProject-1.4-myfork1, then package
it, and place it in "/my/forks"
and then "pip install --find-links=/my/forks/  my_app"

as for fork versioning in the long run, that is intended to be covered in
PEP440, with a conversation happening here:

> --Chris
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