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Donald Stufft donald at stufft.io
Thu Oct 31 12:38:50 CET 2013

On Oct 31, 2013, at 7:32 AM, anatoly techtonik <techtonik at gmail.com> wrote:

> Why I am skeptical that new site will replace old one soon? Just
> because I don't believe in rewrites by one man army. When you develop
> public resource, you need to rely on external feedback.

Warehouse is live at https://preview-pypi.python.org/ (No landing page yet)

> You also need
> some designer guy in a team.

Have one who’ll have time in a few weeks to go over everything and make it really great :)

> You also need a backlog for
> collaboration. My ETA for new PyPI is no earlier than PyCon 2014 if
> Donald and Richard will be working on it full time.

Possibly! I’m unsure of how long it will take, it’s primarily Richard and I but we’ve a
few domain experts in particular pieces who have offered to help out as well when
we’re ready for their pieces.

> So, instead of
> all-or-nothing scenario I can try to find some help with incremental
> approach.

Mostly the problem with improving the current base is every change is particularly
dangerous. The code base is large, it’s untested, and it’s not very nice. It’s extremely
easy to break things by accident with seemingly unrelated change. Richard and I
have both done this multiple times. So every PR we accept has a danger of breaking
things. This incurs a high cognitive overload for accepting a PR because it means we
have to spin up a copy of the site and manually go through and test any feature we
think *might* be affected which typically catches most things but not always. It’s a time
and labor intensive process which none of us enjoy and which we’ve decided not to
prioritize unless the pay offs are large.

Donald Stufft
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