[Distutils] Plans for binary wheels, and PyPi and OS-X

Eric V. Smith eric at trueblade.com
Thu Oct 31 22:52:44 CET 2013

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On 10/31/2013 5:34 PM, Nick Coghlan wrote:
> On 1 Nov 2013 06:50, "Tres Seaver" <tseaver at palladion.com 
> <mailto:tseaver at palladion.com>> wrote:
> On 10/31/2013 02:24 PM, Donald Stufft wrote:
>> To be honest the same problems likely exists on Windows, it?s
>> just less likely and the benefits of prebuilt binaries greater.
> For all platforms *except* Windows, wheels are essentially caches
> -- there is no real reason to distribute them via PyPI at all,
> because OSx and Linux develpoers will have tools to build them from
> sdists.
>> They're caches that can speed things up a *lot*, though, and for
>> new users "can build C extensions" is a higher bar than "can run
>> Python and pip".

I don't think it's true that they're caches on all Linux boxes. I have
many production machines that do not have compilers on them, and do
not have the development headers, etc. installed. They're no better
off than a Windows machine!

Sure, I could install all of this, but:
- - I'd rather not increase the attack surface by installing lots
  of software
- - Some of these are small VM instances, and I don't have room to
  install a full build environment

Where I can, right now I typically install the tools I need to
install, do the installation from source, and then remove the tools.
It's a pain. I'd much rather have binary Linux wheels. I'm more than
happy to build them myself on a dedicated build machine.

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