[Distutils] setuptools and git flow

Charles Dimino dimino at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 22:07:48 CEST 2014

Hey all,

I'm trying to use setuptools to manage my project, and this project uses 
git flow.

Part of git flow (and in general) is that you don't know when you're 
working on develop branch what your next version will be yet.  In a way, 
this means that work done on your develop branch doesn't have *any* version 
at all.  Only once you create a release branch, will you know what your 
version will be.

This is at odds with the way setuptools documentation talks about re: daily 
builds and snapshot releases.  There's no option to change your project's 
"official" version identified entirely - only to append to it.

So what ends up happening is a project has its release (1.0.0, for 
example), and eventually the released version identifier makes its way back 
into the develop branch.  Then, when a new nightly develop build gets 
created, it's marked as 1.0.0-NIGHTLY-01012014.  This is a problem, because 
it's *not* a 1.0.0 nightly build, it's a POST-1.0.0 nightly build.

Since the develop branch isn't supposed to have an actual version, what are 
some recommendations?  Should the version value in setup.py just be set to 
something like "DEVELOP" in the develop branch?  That'd always create 
"DEVELOP-NIGHTLY-01012014" tags, which is acceptable.

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