[Distutils] If you have nothing, begin with with putting get-pip.py in ~/bin/pip ???

Marcus Smith qwcode at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 07:32:45 CEST 2014

> This advice is not contradicted here <
> http://www.virtualenv.org/en/latest/virtualenv.html#installation>
> although it seems like the advice basically is,
"Make sure you have pip already, but if you don't, then we have no
> particular advice for you."

that section actually offers 3 scenarios, not just pip
- "To install globally with pip"
- "To install globally from source"
- "To use locally from source"

One alternative is to bootstrap via "get-pip.py"

if you haven't seen this, take a look:

So it seems that you can (ab?)use get-pip.py as a personal ~/bin/pip. You
> just have to know not to type "install".

get-pip has pip inside it, and it's calling  "pip install -U pip
[setuptools]  sys.argv[1:]"
(see here:

the sys.argv[1:] is intended for passing arguments,  but technically you
can pass other packages and it will work.
I don't think we should be recommending "get-pip.py" be used as
"got-pip.py" in a talk.
the "got-pip.py" idea has come up before, and it's something that should be
discussed in full before recommending.

also, btw, it's currently under discussion to have pip's default behavior
(and get-pip's) be --user installs.
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