[Distutils] mr.developer dev eggs not showing up in sys.path

Reinout van Rees reinout at vanrees.org
Tue Apr 8 09:41:16 CEST 2014


A colleague came up with a problem yesterday (and last week) that only 
he seemed to have. He however found a stackoverflow question with the 
same problem: http://stackoverflow.com/q/21241451/27401

Basically: develop eggs from mr.developer don't show up in the sys.path 
of the bin/python (zc.recipe.egg script) and bin/django (djangorecipe 
part). Despite:

- The eggs being mentioned as dependency in the project's setup.py. I 
triple-verified this; bog standard setup we use in all our projects.

- One project uses buildout 1.4.4, the other 2.x.

- Tried the latest mr.developer and one from half a year ago or so.

- Yep, install_requires mentions them. I verified it with 
egg-info/requires.txt: they're there.

- Yep, develop-egg links are present.

- Upgraded setuptools, downgraded setuptools (all pretty recent 
versions, though): no change.

- It all runs fine on my computer...

The only solution is to add the missing eggs to the "eggs=" list of the 
relevant parts. Even though that should really be unnecessary as they're 
mentioned in the proper setup.py.

=> Anyone seen this behaviour before? Any idea of where to look? I'll 
try reproducing it locally, but it can't hurt to ask :-)


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