[Distutils] mr.developer dev eggs not showing up in sys.path

Wolfgang Schnerring ws at gocept.com
Wed Apr 9 08:00:46 CEST 2014

* Reinout van Rees <reinout at vanrees.org> [2014-04-08 09:41]:
> Basically: develop eggs from mr.developer don't show up in the sys.path 
> of the bin/python (zc.recipe.egg script) and bin/django (djangorecipe 
> part). Despite:
> - Yep, install_requires mentions them. I verified it with 
> egg-info/requires.txt: they're there.

Out-of-date/wrong egg-info would have been my guess (which can be devilishly
hard to find if one is not thingking about it). I had a similar situation
after I copied one egg to extract bits from it into a separate egg (say, I had
egg "foo" which contained foo.bar and foo.baz, and I wanted to move foo.baz
into its own package), but still had the old egg-info lying around (that said
"foo.baz can be found in the foo egg").

> => Anyone seen this behaviour before? Any idea of where to look? I'll 
> try reproducing it locally, but it can't hurt to ask :-)

Other than the above, I'm sorry, nope.


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