[Distutils] Failure to extract svn revision

Charles Cazabon charlesc-distutils-python.org at pyropus.ca
Thu Apr 10 21:09:53 CEST 2014

Charles Cazabon <charlesc-distutils-python.org at pyropus.ca> wrote:
> I'm having trouble getting setuptools to properly extract the svn revision and
> write it into the <package>.egg-info/PKG-INFO file in a new environment.

Spent some time tracking this down, and it appears to be a bug in setuptools.
In my environment (Python 2.7.6 virtualenv with setuptools 3.4.3) and a
local package which is in a *subdir* of the svn 1.8.x working copy checkout,
this test in egg_info.py:tags():

  if self.tag_svn_revision and (
      os.path.exists('.svn') or os.path.exists('PKG-INFO')

... fails.  Fixing that test fixes the problem for me.  I'll file an issue on
the project bugtracker.

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