[Distutils] Changing the status of PEP 440 to Provisional

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 00:01:39 CET 2014

After an offline discussion with Donald regarding feedback on the
setuptools 8.0 release, I'm proposing we change the status of PEP 440 to be
Provisional (in the PEP 411 sense) until we sort out the additional issues
that were revealed through actual adoption.

I can't actually make that change to the PEP text itself yet (as PEP 1, and
hence the PEP index generator, don't currently include the notion of
provisional acceptance), but this is the basis on which we're proposing to
make changes to the previously accepted PEP text (rather than creating a
new PEP).

I'll also be proposing the relevant changes to PEP 1 and the index
generator to make this an official feature of the PEP process to python-dev.

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