[Distutils] New User: depends not appearing in control file

Geoff Clements geoff at electron.me.uk
Mon Dec 22 17:26:16 CET 2014


I just started using stdeb but have run into a problem which I can't solve.

Just for background, so you know at what level to aim replies, I'm a long-time 
programmer, over 30 years in fact. I make much of what I do available to 
others but I've only just got around to packaging, so I know absolutely 
nothing about how to package code (but I'm learning!).

I'm using stdeb 0.8.2 installed via pypi because the Ubuntu repos are so 
hopelessly out of date.

I'm building a package for python3 only and uploading to an Ubuntu ppa which I 
have done but with the following problems:

Here's my stdeb.cfg file:

Depends: libav-tools (>= 6:11), lsdvd (>= 0.17), mplayer2 (>= 2.0), python3-
pyqt4 (>= 4.11), python3-pyudev (>= 0.16)
XS-Python-Version: >= 3.4
MIME-Desktop-Files: share/ravenc.desktop
Suite: utopic
Section: universe/video

Now here is the control file in the source package that is produced (minus the 
package description, slightly redacted):

Source: ravenc
Maintainer: Geoff Clements <e-mail address>
Section: universe/video
Priority: optional
Build-Depends: python3-setuptools, python3-all, debhelper (>= 7.4.3)
Standards-Version: 3.9.1
X-Python-Version: >= 3.4

Package: python3-ravenc
Architecture: all
Depends: ${misc:Depends}, ${python3:Depends}


The problem here is that the dependencies have not been carried across to the 
control file.

In addition, when I try to build a binary package I get this warning:

dpkg-gencontrol: warning: Depends field of package python3-ravenc: unknown 
substitution variable ${python3:Depends}

This also appears in the build log if a submit the source packages to Ubuntu 
to include in my ppa.

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