[Distutils] Role of setuptools and eggs in "modern" distributing...

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Wed Dec 24 21:50:52 CET 2014

> A note about terminology here (both in this email and The Packaging User
> Guide) -- it seems to me that install_requires is about requirements for a
> "package" not a "project",

well, read through the PyPUG glossary:

a "project" is anything with an associated setup.py (which will often have
"install_requires" metadata)

a "package" (listed as a "distribution package" in the glossary) is the
distribution of a certain "release" of a "project"

> I guess the distinction may be that a "package" has a setup.py, whereas a
> project is somethign you are building that requires perhaps a stack of
> unrelated packages.

Above, I used the word "environment", which was just short hand for the
whole set of installed packages on the Python path for the interpreter used
by your application.   This is often literally a "virtual environment"
created by virtualenv.

To me, the distinction is over which project *owns* the whole environment,
i.e  what is the top-level project that the environment exists for.

Requirements files are typically associated with the project that owns the

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