[Distutils] PyPI Status Update - PostgreSQL Tuning and CDN Shielding

Donald Stufft donald at stufft.io
Wed Feb 12 21:00:23 CET 2014

Just a quick update on some recent PyPI changes.

We’ve attempted to tune PostgreSQL. This has resulted in a particular problem
query going from a 23s execution time to a 5s execution time. This should
reduce or remove the 503 errors that occur when the mirrors slam PyPI at
midnight UTC looking for new packages. This has reduced the bulk of the problem
with the mirrors. Assuming stability remains the same as it is now we will not
be implementing rate limiting at this time as we would greatly prefer not to
have to do that.

We’ve also activated CDN Shielding for all non POST requests. This means that
whenever you contact a node in say the singapore POP if that node does not have
the response cached instead of directly contacting the backends in Rackspace's
IAD datacenter it will instead contact the Ashburn POP. This POP will serve
a response that it has cached, or contact the backend if it does not have a
cached response. This should further speed up PyPI as it's far more likely
that the shield POP (Ashburn) will have the response cached even if the edge
location does not. Further more the connectivity between the Fastly POPs are
more likely to be lower latency then the connectivity between any random
Fastly POP and the backends.

So essentially PostgreSQL should be faster and our caching CDN should be more

Donald Stufft
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