[Distutils] The PEP 426 defined metadata version will be metadata 3.0

Vinay Sajip vinay_sajip at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Feb 26 23:37:35 CET 2014

> If Vinay is happy with that last option for handling the current bdist_wheel misbehaviour
> that would mean we could leave the metadata version alone

I've changed distlib to ignore pydist.json for wheels with version 1.0, where METADATA is used instead. Note that bdist_wheel also puts a metadata version of 2.0 in the METADATA file.

IMO versioning the pydist.json is equivalent to versioning the .dist-info directory - it certainly doesn't seem right to put a metadata version in the directory name itself, as it would effectively be noise almost all of the time.

I think it may be premature to promote wheels (as pythonwheels.com is doing with vigour) - nothing wrong with it in principle, of course, it's just the timing which seems wrong. Before such promotion to the community at large, It would seem advisable to get the PyPA house in order by (a) finalising the PEPs which are in limbo because of the focus on getting 3.4 out, (b) ensuring that the 1.1 spec for wheel covers any shortcomings which have been identified in 1.0, as well as more extensive testing for the implementations, and (c) revisiting accepted PEPs such as 425 to ensure that things are tightened up where needed (for example, there are some problems relating to tags, one of which IIRC Brian Wickman brought up a little while ago - about whether tags should follow the PyPy version numbering rather than the Python language version numbering).


Vinay Sajip
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