[Distutils] The PEP 426 defined metadata version will be metadata 3.0

Marcus Smith qwcode at gmail.com
Thu Feb 27 01:46:00 CET 2014

> However, people do know that I'm not planning to write all these spec
> updates myself, right? I've claimed 426/440/459, but if you wait for me to
> write the others as well, we're going to be waiting a long time.
> I know Donald already has a very early draft of wheel 2.0 in the works,
> but I'm not aware of anyone that has even started thinking seriously about
> an sdist 2.0 spec, or an update to the installation database spec - if the
> latter could include an SQLite based caching mechanism, that would be
> great, since it lays the foundation for allowing metaimporters to provide
> installation database entries. And PEP 425 does need an update to cover at
> least Linux distros (likely based on /etc/os-release).
> Would it help if I created tasks for all the things that still need to be
> done in the metadata formats repo, and assigned the ones I'm actually
> working on to myself? That way people could see clearly where we already
> know work is needed, but nobody has volunteered to do it yet.

that would be good.  If you did, I would link to the tasks from the PUG
future page.
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