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On Mon, Jan 6, 2014 at 3:20 PM, Steve Spicklemire <steve at spvi.com> wrote:

> Thanks Chris for the detailed reply.

Well, I'm trying to sort out similar issues myself....

Right. My impression is/was that python.org/CA/Canopy were all different
> builds of python that were *not* interoperable.

well, in the case of Anaconda, Travis told me the intent was that it would
be -- the reality, I'm not sure about.

> So that a binary built with one could not generally be expected to work
> with another. If that's not true, then maybe this is a non-problem. I guess
> I should just "try it" and see what happens.

it's still tricky to get things to install correctly -- the Windows (and
Mac) installers expect python to be in a particular location -- Anaconda is
not there.

> Why not distutils for building Windows? I find it really helpful.
> I don't even have a 'real' windows system (only VirtualBox) and I don't
> have VC Studio,

you should be able to do it with the free visual studio express 2008. A bit
hard to find an installer these days, but I think it's still there. I've
had much better luck with that than MinGW.

 Do you think the build-wxpython.py script would work under windows with
> MinGW? I guess that's probably kind of a naive hope. ;-)

I doubt it --- but again VS2008 Express might build it OK -- but then Robin
provides installers for wx anyway.

> Well I guess I am too. I was impressed with CAs ability to use 'pip' on
> windows to install plotly right away. It's almost like working in unix. I
> liked that!

is plotly pure python? in that case, then it's pretty easy, really.

/anaconda/bin/pip install vpython

pip install with compiled binaries is a different beast -- I _think_ pypi
is now set up to find binary wheels that match the python.org python. I
have no idea if those will install under Anaconda. But you probably want
"conda install vpython" if you want Anaconda anyway.

> and it would "just work".
> I understand that's impossible at the moment. But if I could create
> instructions and/or build a set of binary files a student could easily
> install that would give them:
> 1) vpython
> 2) matplotlib
> 3) ipython
> 4) scipy

we're pretty close to having all these as binary wheels now. There isn't
much stopping it. vpyton is up to you. But wx is not there -- though if you
can get it to build on Windows, making a wheel of it should be easy. I
imagine Robin would be happy to put them up in PyPi.

I'd be ecstatic. I'll also check Chris Gohlke's site. Maybe I don't need
> all the bells and whistles of Canopy/CA etc.
That is a GREAT resource!

Ultimately I'd like to help Bruce package vpython in such a way that folks
> can use 'pip' to include wx and vpython in whichever python distribution
> they happen to choose without a lot of fuss.

It's not really a full-on goal for Anaconda or Canopy to be fully pip
compatible -- so that may be a bit of a fantasy...

Also: you can point pip at a custom "wheelhouse" -- i.e. a collection of
wheels that you put together.

In your position, I"d be tempted to provide a full set of wheels for the
python.org build for everything that you need that isn't already
pip-installable. Then point your students to that.

If you're lucky, those some wheels may work with Anaconda, or even Canopy.



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