[Distutils] "Python Packaging User Guide" has moved

Marcus Smith qwcode at gmail.com
Wed Jan 15 08:14:59 CET 2014

Fyi, the "Python Packaging User Guide" has moved from bitbucket to github.

The new project home is here:
and the built site is still here:

For those who are interested in helping, a quick survey of the text will
show many sections marked up with "FIXME" comments.   Although general
editing is helpful, I think we mostly need "packaging experts" at this
point who are willing to invest the time in filling out and correcting the
sections they feel strong on.

As stated in the README, "The guide is part of a larger effort to improve
all of the packaging and installation docs, including pip, setuptools,
virtualenv, and wheel. Ultimately, users need more than a "guide" to feel
confident about the current tools. They need complete, accurate and
inter-consistent documentation across all the projects"

As such, a lot of my effort will be going into improving and normalizing
the pip/setuptools/virtualenv/wheel docs directly so the Packaging User
Guide doesn't have to do all the work on top of those docs.  I have issues
open for each of the four projects:

My goal is to have something that's sufficient for a public announcement by

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