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Marcus Smith qwcode at gmail.com
Thu Jan 16 18:24:52 CET 2014

> On that note, the PUG index currently feels a little overwhelming

The main index is 2 levels deep currently.  Let me drop it to one level and
see how that looks.
I personally like a deep index as my main entry point to docs, but I can
see it being a bit much.

> the point of view of someone who just wants to get a job done. it's
> got a lot of "Getting started with X" and "What is" sections, but
> nothing like "Installing a package from PyPI" or "Starting a new
> project". Maybe the index should be reorganised to be more
> task-oriented, and less concerned with providing history and
> background to the confusion that led us to where we are now?

2 things:

1) In my opinion, a big part of the PUG is about "deconfusing" people, and
giving confidence that there's consensus on what to do now (with a
justification), and there's plans to move forward.  That's what many people
need and will come to the PUG for.  They already know the basics of pip and

2) As for providing basic pip/setuptools tutorials,  I've taken the
position that the PUG shouldn't do it, but instead defer with links.  The
project docs themselves should have tutorials, so let's just do it once,
and right, and link to it.   Supposing you still thought it was a good idea
for both to maintain tutorials, practically speaking, I think it will fail.
 One, or both will end up being not maintained or inconsistent with each
other in the long run.   I want to construct something that has a good
chance of persisting and staying up to date.  We have access to the 4 main
projects, and can get PRs through.   There seems to be an unspoken idea
that we can't update the setuptools docs.  We rely on setuptools heavily,
and it has years of life left in it.  The docs can be first rate, and
consistent with what's currently going on.

But in saying that, I'm still open to other TOC ideas.  It is an open
project.  But with any idea, I'd like to see a full breakdown of the
alternative TOC and how it covers everything we have now.
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