[Distutils] pip 1.5.1rc1 and virtualenv 1.11.1rc2 released

Donald Stufft donald at stufft.io
Fri Jan 17 02:46:41 CET 2014

I’ve just released virtualenv 1.11.1rc2 and pip 1.5.1rc1, it fixes a number
of issues with the latest releases of each one, but most importantly:

* virtualenvs created with —system-site-packages not getting pip or
  setuptools installed into it
* Errors about setuptools being too old
* Bug fixes that affected certain third party servers hosting packages
  with Content-Encoding headers
* Have —allow-unverified imply —allow-external
* Bug fixes that affected cases when a DNS name failed to resolve
* Errors with older versions of Python 2.6, most notably from OSX
  system Pythons

In order to try this out in an isolated manner simply:

$ curl -L -O https://github.com/pypa/virtualenv/archive/1.11.1rc2.tar.gz
$ echo "b23fd95ef06effa2fde9f06fdb86ec38  1.11.1rc2.tar.gz" | md5sum -c
1.11.1rc2.tar.gz: OK
$ tar zxf 1.11.1rc2.tar.gz
$ python virtualenv-1.11.1rc2/virtualenv.py myVE
$ myVE/bin/pip install SomePackage

Report any bugs to the pip or virtualenv issues trackers located at:


Please do try these out and let us know of any issues!


Donald Stufft
PGP: 0x6E3CBCE93372DCFA // 7C6B 7C5D 5E2B 6356 A926 F04F 6E3C BCE9 3372 DCFA

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