[Distutils] Please do not remove dependency_links

Marcus Smith qwcode at gmail.com
Sat Jan 18 05:58:17 CET 2014

> I'd be completely happy with specifying the mapping from "what" to "where"
> in a configuration file, outside of setup.py. That would be even more
> convenient since it would be more DRY than having dependency_links in every
> package's setup.py. The mapping could be Python code consisting of lines
> like:
> map( 'foo<=1.5',  git+https://myrepo/foo@master#egg=1.5 )
> or with patterns
> map_re( '(bar-.*)<=(.*)',  git+https://myrepo/$1@master#egg=$1-$2 )
> This is probably a bit naive, especially with respect to how it translates
> the version constraint into a concrete version.

I think that's an interesting idea, although I think your $2 would need to
alter the @ part as well, which is the tag or branch your cloning
If the mappings could be constructed as option values, then the mappings
could just live in the requirements file.

e.g. a mapping for "myproject" that has myproject==version map to a tag in
the clone equal to "version"

--vcs-req-map  myproject:git+
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