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Come to think of it, my project "python-gnupg" (which I forked from some work that Richard and others did) has itself been forked, and the derivative project uploaded to PyPI as "gnupg". It's not a drop-in replacement, and I know of one instance where it has caused confusion. I have nothing against the other project, it's trying to do the same job - just not in a compatible way - which is what can lead to confusion.


Vinay Sajip
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 [Oops. I keep forgetting to
 check the bitbucket tracker for support issues which are
 intended to (and mostly do) go to the sourceforge
 As the PyPI admin, I deal with naming issues that
 come up, which happens not too frequently thankfully.
 Usually they're resolved reasonably easily when I
 contact the author of the offending project. Indeed,
 yesterday I resolved an issue with someone uploading their
 own personal fork "kafka" which was confusing
 users of the project "python-kafka".
 I suspect Warehouse might have to grow a name
 blacklist or something though the administrative burden
 would probably become too much.
 On 23 January 2014
 07:22, Marcus Smith <qwcode at gmail.com>
 btw, see this thread from last year about
 squatters and naming...https://mail.python.org/pipermail/distutils-sig/2013-June/021010.html
 On Wed, Jan 22, 2014
 at 9:50 AM, Donald Stufft <donald at stufft.io>
 On Jan 22, 2014, at 9:29 AM, Warren
 Postma <warren.postma at gmail.com>
 Today I ran across something that made me go
 "wat?".   There is a package named wx in PyPI
 and pip happily installs it.
 It's completely useless, the module doc string is not in
 english, and it's definitely not wxPython.
 This has been noticed by others:
 What is the proper channel for asking for the renaming
 or removal of a package?  If this package is indeed
 useless, then it should be removed. If it is useful, but
 completely undocumented, and appears that import wx followed
 by dir(wx) shows absolutely nothing useful inside it.  This
 is the entire content of the unfortunately named wx.py
 # -*- coding:utf-8 -*-
 模拟 PHP 函数 file_get_content
 def file_get_contents(file):
     file = open(file)
     data = ''
     for line in file:
       data = data + line
     return data
 The last part translated from Translate.google.com
 is "My Python
 test module".
 How did this get into
 PyPI? It's pypi page url is:
 Does anyone have to approve these things before they get
 into PyPI or can any post their hello world programs to
 Can I write three lines, call it pyQt, and upload it? that
 particular four letter name is unclaimed, yet I bet most pip
 users would like it if it gave them an error rather than
 installing some package which is not PyQt, it is just called
 Distutils-SIG maillist  -  Distutils-SIG at python.org
 Names on PyPI are on a first come first serve basis
 although we do exercise administrative control when deemed
 appropriate. It’s possible this name should be taken over,
 I’d want to leave that up to Richard.
 Donald Stufft
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