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On Fri, Jan 24, 2014 at 2:18 AM, Nick Coghlan <ncoghlan at gmail.com> wrote:

> In return, as Paul points out, it becomes substantially easier for people
> that *aren't* wholly invested in the scientific Python stack to try it out
> with their regular tools, rather than having to completely change how they
> work with Python.
This is a really important constituency, actually. And one that has been
neglected for a while.

> Also consider that, given the status quo, any users that might see that
> new error instead get even *more* incomprehensible errors as pip attempts
> to build NumPy from source and fails at doing so.
well, numpy _should_ build out of the box with nothing special if you are
set up to build regular extensions. I understand that a lto f Windows users
are not set up to build extensions at all, but tehy ar presumably used to
getting "compiler not found" errors (or whatever the message is). But you
won't get an optimized numpy and much of the rest of the "stack" is harder
to build: scipy, matplotlib.

So a set of working binary wheels would be great. And while  we in the
numpy commmunity don't really want a lot of "numpy is slower than MATLAB"
FUD out there, I still think it's better to get a sub-optimum, but working
build out there. The "should I use python instead of MATLAB?" crowd would
be better served by one of the other options anyway...

So how rare are non-SSE2 systems? Any w ay to find out? I"m guessing rare
enough that we can a) not worry about it, and b) those users will know they
have an old system and may expect
issue,s particularly with something billed as being for
high-performance computation.

So I say SSE2 -- but if we do think there ar a lot of non-SSE2  users out
there, then do SSE1-only , it would still work just fine for casual use.



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