[Distutils] Using Wheel with zipimport

Donald Stufft donald at stufft.io
Wed Jan 29 13:57:27 CET 2014

On Jan 29, 2014, at 7:43 AM, Paul Moore <p.f.moore at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 29 January 2014 12:18, Donald Stufft <donald at stufft.io> wrote:
>> But more importantly, while I'm against officially supporting importable Wheels
>> because of various reasons, my biggest problem is that this was added in
>> without any chance for discussion.
> Fair point. I'm sure Nick did just think of it as clarification - I
> know I did - but the process point is reasonable. I'm happy to leave
> off arguing with your position till the point comes for proper debate
> ;-)
> Paul

Let me be explicit that I don’t think Nick is doing anything nefarious here, I do
believe that he probably did think of it as a clarification. I’m concerned with the
fact that the PEP did not support this when it was accepted and contained
language that, to me at least, is contrary to the fact that this was supported, and
then the new text was addd to an already accepted PEP giving it a new feature
without any chance for discussion or disagreement.

If I wasn’t anal about reading every email that hits my inbox *and* I wasn’t on
python-checkins I never would have noticed this addition until it was likely
too late to do anything about it because it had been documented as part of the
PEP long enough that people started to depend on it.

So hopefully nobody thinks I’m calling Nick a bad actor in this case.

Also to be specific, what I believe should be done is that the change should be
reverted, and if it is desired that Wheels officially support zip import then in the
next version of the Wheel spec it should be added when everyone has a chance
to properly discuss it.

Donald Stufft
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