[Distutils] wheels on sys.path clarification (reboot)

Evgeny Sazhin eugene at sazhin.us
Thu Jan 30 06:54:02 CET 2014

On Jan 30, 2014, at 12:33 AM, Evgeny Sazhin <eugene at sazhin.us> wrote:

>> Eh, I think both 1 and 3 are things that are possibly reasonable to happen and
>> they are both things that I've contemplated as things to bring forward in
>> using xz as an alternative compression format. Even if #1 would need a major
>> revision of Wheel to happen adding official "support" for zip import means that
>> the change would have to be weighed against also breaking that backwards
>> compatibility.
> Eh, please don’t break it!! Improve! Keep the ability to add wheels to python path.
> I don’t care how, zip import, non-zip import, whatever - allow for jar-like behavior - people will thank you if it will work properly !;)
> I know, i’m probably alone in the desert…l;)

OTOH if this is such a bad idea - what would be the least intrusive way for me to deploy the code? What about unzipped wheel? If I have wheels in one location and then my release procedure knows to unzip them in the folder that matches the wheel name and structure completely, would it be possible to add this unzipped folder to the PYTHONPATH and run the program? Is that closer to what you guys are preaching??


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