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Linux wheels are generally not compatible in a non-local sense, so it's unlikely those will be distributable through PyPI. That would also mean it's probably unlikely they'll be built there.

Something related to this also cane up in discussion at europython but I don't want to steal any thunder :-)

I completely plan on making it possible to publish Linux Wheels at some point in the future and I don’t believe the binary compat problem on Linux is unable to be overcome.

I have some experience with Linux distributions, and I am struggling to image how you can possibly overcome those problems. There are a large number of reasons why binary compatibility between various different distributions, and different versions of the same distribution is not possible unless you integrate very tightly with packaging system, which is something that I don’t see being possible with wheels. I would love to hear how you envision solving that.


Include the distro name and version in the compatibility tag, so something like:


Will that guarantee the OS-provided Python was used? Or is there still a risk someone was using a custom compiled Python on an Ubuntu 14.04 system that is not binary compatible with the Ubuntu-provided Python? 


No It won’t guarantee the OS-provided Python is used. It doesn’t even guarantee that the OS provided libs are being linked to. However at that point you’ve more or less reached parity with Windows and OSX where Wheels (and Eggs before them) are generally built to target the “System” Python and if you’re not using the “System” Python you might end up having a bad time.

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