[Distutils] OS X and PEP 425 / wheels

Chris Barker chris.barker at noaa.gov
Fri Mar 7 02:29:24 CET 2014

On Thu, Mar 6, 2014 at 4:27 PM, MinRK <benjaminrk at gmail.com> wrote:

> I proposed a patch <https://github.com/pypa/pip/pull/1465> to pip, with
> respect to treatment of the platform tag on OS X, and Chris Barker proposed
> that I bring the discussion here.

Note -- there is some more discusion on that patch...

>  The situation:
> PEP 425 describes the platform tag as:
> The platform tag is simply distutils.util.get*platform() with all hyphens
> - and periods . replaced with underscore *.
> but the PEP makes no mention of what should be done on OS X. On OS X,
> get_platform() has the form:
> macosx_10_6_intel
> .....

>    1.
>    2.
>    support multi-arch names (intel, universal) on their respective
>    components
>     - intel is valid on {x86_64, i386}
>       - universal is valid on {intel, x86_64, i386, ppc64, ppc}
>    easy_install, like pip, also does strict comparison here, so this
>    would be new behavior.
> yup -- and easy_install was actually quite broken for binary eggs for a
universal build -- so this would be great.

though a note: "universal:", as used by the python.org builds means
only  i386+ppc -- in theory once could do a quad build, but no on ever did.
Though ppc is pretty old now -- I don't think we need to worry about that
for anything future-looking anyway.

I have a wheel (pyzmq), which works on any intel-based Python targeting OS
> X >= 10.6. To express this with pip-1.5, the filename has to be:
> pyzmq-14.1.0-cp27-none-macosx_10_6_intel.macosx_10_6_x86_64.macosx_10_6_i386.macosx_10_7_intel.macosx_10_7_x86_64.macosx_10_7_i386.macosx_10_8_intel.macosx_10_8_x86_64.macosx_10_8_i386.macosx_10_9_intel.macosx_10_9_x86_64.macosx_10_9_i386.whl
> and it has to grow every time there is a new OS release.
clearly no ideal!

Any feedback from experts, especially if my understanding of deployment
> targets or fat binaries is incorrect, would be much appreciated.
I'm no expert, but his looks good to me.

As pointed out in the comments on the patch, there may be some issues with
C++  extensions and building on 10.9 -- we'll have to see how that turns



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