[Distutils] advice re: packaging tasks

Chris Jerdonek chris.jerdonek at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 01:44:09 CEST 2014


I was curious what others do for the following packaging tasks, or if
you have any recommendations otherwise.  There is also a code
organization question at the end.

1) For starters, it's very easy to make mistakes in one's MANIFEST.in,
so I hacked the sdist command in my setup.py to list the differences
between one's project repo and the generated sdist each time you run
"python setup.py sdist".  Are there better solutions for this out
there so I don't have to rely on my own hack?

2)  Secondly, like many, my README files are in markdown, so I hacked
a command in my setup.py to use Pandoc to convert README.md to a .rst
file for use as the long_description argument to setup().  I also
check in the resulting file for troubleshooting purposes, etc.  Are
there more elegant solutions for this that people know of?

Also, for commands like the latter, is it better to define them in
one's setup.py, or simply to have separate scripts in one's repo?

Lastly, as these setup-related tasks grow larger and more complicated,
I found it helped to break them out into a separate setup package that
sits alongside my project's main package library (and even adding
tests in some cases).  Is this normal?  Have other people run into


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