[Distutils] devpi-{server-2.1.2, web-2.2.1}: bugfixes, streamlined web templates

holger krekel holger at merlinux.eu
Fri Oct 24 17:36:34 CEST 2014

devpi-server-2.1.2 and devpi-web-2.2.1 bring a host of fixes to
the private pypi server system.  You can upgrade without migrating
your data if you run already with devpi-server-2.1.X. 

Find docs as usual at:


Many thanks to Florian Schulze who did most of the changes in devpi-web.

Have fun,

holger krekel, merlinux GmbH


- fix issue172: avoid traceback when user/index/name/version is accessed.

- fix issue170: ensure that we parse the prospective pip-6.0 user agent
  string properly so that using the username/index url works with pip.
  Thanks Donald Stufft and Florian Schulze.

- fix issue158: redirect to normalized projectname for all GET views.

- fix issue169: change /+status to expose "event_serial" as "the last
  event serial that was processed".  document "serial" and
  "event-serial" and also refine internals wrt to "event-serial" so that
  it means the "last serial for which events have been processed"


- require devpi-server>=2.1.2

- fix issue175: use normalized name of projects, so redirects from unnormalized
  names works.  NOTE that if you had issues with documentation uploads
  not appearing because of normalization issues ("-" or "_" appearing 
  in the name for example) you need to re-upload the docs or 
  do a full export/import cycle.  

- fix view when tox results can not be parsed. 

- version.pt: removed "code" tag around overwrite count.

- macros.pt: added "footer" tag around the whole footer part.

- version.pt: moved file type, python version and size info from their own
  columns into the file column.

- version.pt: moved history column from before the tox results column to behind
  the tox results.

- version.pt: removed "last modified" from history column

- version.pt: removed timestamp from "replaced" action in history column

- version.pt: add link to PyPI page if applicable.

- fix project page view if there are downloads with filenames which can't be
  parsed as packages with version number

- fix notfound-redirect when serving under an outside URL with a sub path

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