[Distutils] Python 3.x Adoption for PyPI and PyPI Download Numbers

Donald Stufft donald at stufft.io
Wed Apr 22 00:57:40 CEST 2015

> On Apr 21, 2015, at 6:26 PM, Reinout van Rees <reinout at vanrees.org> wrote:
> Donald Stufft schreef op 21-04-15 om 19:54:
>> Here's the link:https://caremad.io/2015/04/a-year-of-pypi-downloads/
> The last graph is very, very weird.
> The 'requests' library is very popular. Why on earth has python 2.6 gone from 10% to 25% market share, eating into python 2.7's share? I haven't seen that in any of the other graphs.
> Weird :-)

I have a few guesses:

* RHEL6 is still a major deployment target, but the versions of things packaged in it are getting older and older which incentivizes people on that platform to start downloading things from PyPI instead of their package managers. Doing this for pure python libraries like requests is a lot easier than compiling a whole new Python for your RHEL6 box.
* People using Python 2.6 are more likely to also be using a version of pip prior to 6.0 when caching was enabled by default, so you actually have more people installing on 2.7 but PyPI never sees that because it just serves from cache whereas Python 2.6 users are not getting cached values.
* People are using a newer version of pip that caches by default, and they are running their tests with something like tox via ``tox`` and they have their envlist sorted like: py26,py27,py32,etc. In this case if they don’t already have the file cached they’ll download it with Python 2.6, cache it, then re-use that cache for all the subsequent Pythons.

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