[Distutils] Reviving PEP 470 - Removing External Hosting support on PyPI

Donald Stufft donald at stufft.io
Thu Aug 27 13:53:34 CEST 2015

On August 27, 2015 at 4:28:34 AM, Paul Moore (p.f.moore at gmail.com) wrote:
> Encouraging people to set up an external index if they have off-PyPI
> hosting requirements seems entirely reasonable. But I would say
> (having tried to do this for testing and personal use in the past)
> it's not easy to find good documentation on how to set up an external
> index (when you're starting from a simple web host). Having a "how to
> set up a PyPI-style simple index" document, linked from the PEP (and
> ultimately from the docs) would be a useful resource for people in
> general, and a good starting point for any discussion with people who
> have requirements for not hosting on PyPI. Probably putting such a
> document in https://packaging.python.org/en/latest/distributing.html
> would make sense.

We can add documentation, it’s basically “stick some files in a directory, run python -m http.server”, adjusted for someone’s need for performance and “production” readiness. We make it pretty easy to make one with —find-links, any old web server with an auto index and a directory full of files will do it.

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